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Building One Another®

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Stay Awake in the People Flow!


Building One Another   

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. I Thessalonians 5:11

Stay Awake in the People Flow!

Dear Friend,

In the midst of the people flow that swirled around him, Jesus remained awake to the individual persons who were near him.

Whether it was Zacchaeus in a crowd, Bartimaeus in a crowd or an ill woman in a crowd, Jesus saw and paid attention to each one with his “people eyes.”

Sometimes the people flow is a people flood and at other times a trickle, yet always every single person you encounter has a story and is a thread in God’s greater story.

 In the midst of the people flow of your own life, are you awake and aware of the persons right in front of you?

How might you receive the people eyes of Jesus if you discover that in your coping with whatever task is at hand, you are actually people blind?

Every morning as you awake, pray a simple prayer along this line, “Lord, please help me remain awake to the people in the people flow of this day. Help me to see people with your people eyes and be an encouragement to each one.”

Joy to you – Stan   

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Show Notes

1. What are some moments in your last few days in which you were aware of the flow of people swirling around your life?

2. Do you find yourself consumed by task - a job - your phone - a situation - and missing "seeing" the people right in front of you?

3. How may you help yourself become more aware - more fitted with "people eyes" - in order to remain awake to people in the midst of the people flow?

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