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Building One Another®

A Podcast About Encouragement

About Building One Another®

Years ago, I wondered how to expand a ministry of encouragement. I was given the chance to spend an hour with Dick Halverson, who was then the Chaplain of the U.S. Senate. When I asked him about that wondering, he told me the story of his weekly one-page letter “Perspective” that he began mailing once a week to forty-five members of his congregation. That number grew into the tens of thousands, all before email!

With his encouragement, Building One Another was born as a devotionnal letter of encouragment. Now we are adding the podcast dimension too that we may expand and elaborate on the topic of the week. We pray you will enjoy them both!

— E. Stanley Ott

E. Stanley Ott

E. Stanley Ott is a pastor who has served three vibrant congregations and is President of Leading Moments ®, LLC and founder of the Vital Churches Institute. His passion is the transformation of the local church and the encouragement of those who follow Jesus.

Stan has taught principles of congregational vitality and leadership to thousands of people throughout the United States and Canada. His publications include Twelve Dynamic Shifts for Transforming Your Church and Transform Your Church with Ministry Teams.

Lee Zehmer

Lee Zehmer is a pastor in his 33rd year of ministry in the Presbyterian Church. He has served four congregations in Virginia and North Carolina and is currently the Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian of Rock Hill, South Carolina.
He has been active in the transformation of the local church and has served as the Moderator of the Church Growth and Transformation Committee of his denominational region for 10 years. . Lee actively pursues involvement with a number of training programs designed to enhance the vitality and leadership of the congregation. He brings his lifelong love of music and interest in sound production to the podcast. Lee’s favorite pastime involves airplanes and the joy of flying them!

Stan Ott

Lee Zehmer

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