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Building One Another®

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Practice the Priming Moment!


Building One Another  

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. I Thessalonians 5:11

Practice the Priming Moment!

Dear Friend,

When you awake in the morning, is your mind a jumble of disappearing dreams and the coming events of the day? Do you take a moment, still lying in bed, to center yourself on the Lord who loves you, ready yourself for the day to come?

My friend, Lee Zehmer, likens this to the priming of an engine, whether it’s an airplane engine, a lawnmower or a snowblower. To prime an engine means to give it a little starter fuel, to get it going.

Consider practicing a “Priming Moment” in the first seconds you are awake in the morning that can set the tone for your day and guide you as you encourage others.

An example of a waking priming moment would include three simple parts all of which might take a whole minute to do you get up!

First, a simple centering prayer. Morning, Lord it’s great to be loved by you and love you back!  

Second. Lord, please give me people eyes, the eyes of Jesus, so I may encourage and spark joy in people.

Third, a quick review of the day ahead. Lord, I trust you in the adventures of the day of ahead.

The Priming Moment comes down to, “Morning Lord, I love you and ask for your people eyes that I may encourage and spark joy in people as I trust you for the adventures of this day. Amen!

Joy to you - Stan

© Copyright 2021 E. Stanley Ott

Show Notes

  1. What goes through your mind now when you wake up? Whatever comes to you - fading dreams, frets about the day to come?
  2. Are you willing to give three weeks to trying a new practice - that of the Priming Moment? Who will do this with you? A partner?
  3. Decide ahead of time what you will pray when you awake. The three part prayer in the letter above, or your own words?

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