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Building One Another®

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Positioning - Seeing God at Work!


Building One Another  

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. I Thessalonians 5:11

Positioning – seeing God at Work!

Dear Friend,

Think of the times you found yourself positioned with people through no conscious choice of your own and it became clear your meeting was for reasons of God’s own.

I call that “positioning.” When you are aware that God positions people together, it helps us to see God at work in your life.  

The jailor in Philippi was just doing his job never imagining that when Paul and Silas were thrown into his jail, they’d lead him to faith in Jesus (Acts 16).  Positioning!

The woman in the town of Sychar walked out to the well for water with no thought whatsoever that she would meet the Messiah who changed her life (John 4).  Positioning!

Checking out in a grocery story in San Antonio, someone called my name and looking up I discovered someone I’d known in Pittsburgh. Positioning!

When you realize God positions you, then “play the position!” Deliberately look for ways to build up the people God positions into your life – perhaps with a word of encouragement or some act of service.

Indeed, positioning is the process by which God puts people into your life through no forethought, choice or plan of your own for reasons of God’s own!

With joy - E. Stanley Ott    

Copyright 2024 E. Stanley Ott

Show Notes

  1. Share a time or two when some unplanned meeting with someone was helpful to you or to the other person or too you both!
  2. What are ways to "play the position?" Ways, that is, to encourage and or offer acts of service to those God positions in your life.
  3. Ask God to "open your eyes" to become more aware of God's work in your life in your daily interactions with people.

Photo by Jenean Newcomb on Unsplash

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