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Building One Another®

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Ministry at a Distance!


Building One Another  

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. I Thessalonians 5:11

Ministry at a Distance!

Dear Friend,

We may think of the ministry of proximity happening in those moments we connect with people. It may be through ministry without moving, as people come to us, or ministry by walking around, as we move among people in our neighborhood, office, church and so on.

However, there are many people we may encourage who don’t live near us, family, friends and associates who are scattered all over the country and even the world.

We typically think of Jesus’ ministry as the ministry of proximity as he interacted with a variety of people in many face-to-face situations.

Yet, Jesus could and did minister at a distance, such as when Jesus was visited by an official whose son was dying. The official said to him, “Sir, come down before my child dies.” Jesus said to him, “Go; your son will live,” and the son, at a distance, lived. (John 4)

Consider both spontaneous and intentional ministry at a distance. Spontaneously, when someone pops to mind, call them, text them, email them, Facetime them, right then, or jot a note to do so very soon. The Spirit of God loves to call people to our minds!

Intentional ministry at a distance takes a simple plan, such maintaining a running list of those you will contact and having some rhythm or routine that makes it happen every week.

“Out of sight, out of mind” is easy in a world of over-busy people, yet the people God puts on your heart are always in God’s sight and mind. May they be in yours!

Joy to you – Stan

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Scripture from the ESV

Show Notes

  1. When people pop to mind, do you contact them as soon as you can, by phone, text, email, or some other process? How can you make spontaneous connections with people a part of your actual life?
  2. Do you have an intentional plan to contact people, friends, family, associates, who live in distant places? If not, what kind of a plan or routine would work for you - and are you willing actually to do it?

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