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Building One Another®

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Little Graces


Building One Another  

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. I Thessalonians 5:11

Little Graces!

Grace is a marvelous concept. When we speak of the grace of God, we refer to the undeserved gift of blessing given to us by Jesus, and that is huge!

You and I have the opportunity to offer many little graces to people, blessings we freely offer that our Lord uses greatly to encourage others.

The apostle Paul was once rescued by being lowered over a wall in a basket. Whoever gave the gift of that basket offered a little grace with a large life-giving result.

A boy offered five small loaves of bread and two fish to Jesus, a little grace with a marvelous blessing.

Is there a phone call or a Zoom conversation or a text to send that would encourage someone you know? Is there something you may do for them.?

Your act of offering a little grace multiplied by the hand of God will greatly encourage someone in your life!

Joy to you -- E. Stanley Ott      

© Copyright 2020 E. Stanley Ott

Show Notes

  1. What are some little graces that others have offered to you and what was the result in your life?
  2. Who is a person you know who could use a little grace and how and when will you give it?

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