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Building One Another®

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Building People


Building One Another

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. I Thessalonians 5:11

Building People Vol. 1, No. 3

Dear Friend,

Your programs will not outlast you!

No matter how clear the vision, no matter how well they are organized, no matter how long they have been in operation, they will not remain the same after you leave them.

Your successor will rethink what you have done. Over time there may be changes including a different vision, a different organization, a different style of leadership.

All of this is good for it gives us all the freedom to improve the endeavors we are involved with, but... if our programs will not outlast us, what will? The answer is simple and basic, yet so often overlooked.

The answer is people! We so easily invest great time and energy developing and maintaining programs that will not outlast our influence and neglect the lives of people who will. Does this mean our programs are meaningless – simple "activity generators" with little enduring fruit?

The answer depends on the result of the program. If your program builds people in their well-being -- if it builds them in their Christian discipleship -- then your program may eventually come to an end after you leave, but your impact on the lives of people will continue.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28:19*

Ask yourself, "What will be the true result of my efforts? Whatever your program is, make the purpose of that program is the building of people.

Joy to you – E. Stanley Ott

©Copyright 2018 E. Stanley Ott
*Scripture from the ESV

Show Notes

Discussion Questions

  1. Suppose you have led a program or organization and the time comes to pass the leadership baton to other people. How do you feel when they make changes in the vision and direction that you established? How have you come to terms with that?
  2. Suppose it is not the exact program or organization you run that outlives you, but it is the well-being of the people who were involved – their mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. Then what changes do you need to make to how you are leading today – so that the impact of your effortincludes building up the people you are with in addition to whatever other matters the program or organization pursues?
  3. If the greatest contribution you may make in the life of those who are with you is to encourage their following of the person of Jesus, as his disciple, what steps will you take that are appropriate to the context of your organization or program?

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